The Framework for Junior Cycle (2015) provides for a new area of learning at junior cycle called Wellbeing. Wellbeing will cross the three years of junior cycle and build on substantial work already taking place in our school in support of students’ wellbeing. This area of learning makes the school’s culture and ethos and commitment to wellbeing visible to students. It includes learning opportunities to enhance the physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing of students. Wellbeing enables students to build life skills and develop a strong sense of connectedness to their school and to their community.  Coláiste Dun an Rí has introduced its junior cycle Wellbeing programme with 300 hours of timetabled engagement in 2017 and will build up to 400 hours by 2020 as the new junior cycle is implemented fully in schools.

This year our school took part in two initiatives to raise awareness for mental health. In February the school participated in Schools go Orange campaign and in April we had a bakesale for the amber flag initative. 




For more information please click on the following links:

Wellbeing handout sheet

NCCA Wellbeing Leaflet






A Student Council is a representative structure for students, through which they can become involved in the affairs of the school, working in partnership with school management, staff and parents for the benefit of the school and the students. Student councils can create a sense of ownership of the school and its activities among the student population.

The Student Council provides an opportunity for students to make their voice heard. The committed students also learn to develop their communication, planning and organisational skills which will be of benefit to them in their future lives. Moreover, the contribution made by a Student Council to the development of school policy in several areas can have significant benefits for students and the school.

The student council members are elected upon the beginning of the new school year and are elected to the council through personal or classmate nominations. A democratic election process is held through majority vote with successful representatives creating a student council team.


Student Council

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